My Story

Maris van Bakkum

I try to translate my love for colour and nature into patterns and prints.

After helping my mother ANNA with her illness by making a daily fruit and vegetable juices I started a new conscious journey. To support her on the bad days I painted small greeting cards with painted leaves and flowers with the pigment of the juice with a message of ‘Hope’ . . .’Love’ …and ‘Happiness.

For the last 25 years I have been working in the fashion industry with a focus on pattern prints and sustainable producing. My experience is that we can change our footprint on this world only when we are going to produce the products in the Netherlands and on demand. And I also wonder if the consumer wouldn't want to hear or see the story behind the collection. 

To test this case I am making different products printed with my Print Stories. I will take my time for the creative proces and try to find a memory we all can feel. My experience in development I want to share in my workshops.