Workplace guidance

Together we can alleviate work pressure. With my wide-ranging experience with national and international companies, I have gained insights into optimising workflow performance.

Through workplace guidance, I will ask you questions about your processes to identify areas of pressure. In a group setting, we can analyze strengths and incorporate them into an adapted workflow. Sometimes, we may find that deepening knowledge is necessary to achieve an improved process. I can provide tailored advice.

Since I am still actively engaged in these processes, I can accurately assess the time required and, if desired, provide a time table.

Ultimately, the goal is to reduce workload, foster harmony within the team, and optimize the creative process. By identifying and addressing pressure points, we can create an environment that allows for greater creative freedom and efficiency.

Contact me today to discuss how I can assist you in reducing workload and optimising your team’s creative process.



Collection strategy

It is important to carefully consider the choices we make for new collections and now more than ever with the new legislation 2023.

How do we strike the balance between familiarity and proven approaches (our fundamentals) and new developments to surprise our customers?

What are the expectations of our brand from our customers, and how can we further enhance our strengths? With a fresh perspective, I can help you become a mirror and embark on a journey to find the answers.

Color and prints also play a significant role in customers’ choices, and I would love to tell you more about it during our consultation.

Fewer styles mean reduced workload, development costs, and ultimately a better environmental footprint, all driven by a strategic approach.